Made 4,900+ Crystal Lovers Happy Worldwide

Since 2018, we've joyfully crafted and shared over 15,500 crystal bracelets with our incredible community. Each bracelet is infused with care and intention, embodying the unique energies and aspirations of its wearer. This milestone isn’t just a number; it’s a testament to the trust and love our community has placed in us in their crystal healing journey.

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Love Letters from our Happy Clients

Thank you, ms.maiks! Super happy rin kase naka-add ako nung superlast minute na jade bracelet! ☺️

Vanessa V. | Verified Buyer

Thank you so much @theloveluna for my crystals, labradorite, blue lace chalcedony, and amethyst. Manifest Good Things on a Sunday!

Tuesday Vargas | Verified Buyer

Thank you so much!! I just got them this morning! Was so drawn to the topaz and sunstone bracelets! So pretty!

kathryn G. | Verified Buyer

"Paid na sa riiiiing. So pretty 😻😻😻"

Farrideh Leuterio | Verified Buyer

Best Crystal Store in Davao

Doc G | Verified Buyer

Sobrang bet po especially the auras huhu so worth it 😭😭😭😭

Nicole C. | Verified Buyer

My friends wants to buy what I ordered from you! They Got jealous!😁

Anna P. | Verified Buyer

I need to buy more as it looks nice to match with my outfit. I love the Energy!

Grace A. | Verified Buyer

Crystals & Wellness

Offering a variety of crystal wearables and ornaments sourced ethically from around the world to help you amplify your frequencies in your day to day living.

Crystal Cleansing and Energizing

Many crystals are used to absorb or deflect the negativity you're striving to expel when utilized for healing. To restore your crystals healing properties to their natural state, it's important to cleanse and recharge them on a regular basis.

Crystal Wearables

Easy to carry - these are the best crystal companions when beginning your crystal healing journey. We have various classifications ranging from regular grades to premium and rare pieces.

Crystal Ornaments

Crystals can be found and made in many forms, including: tumbled, cubed, towers, spheres, free form, geodes and raw stones. Carry them with you in your bags, decorate your home, business, and offices - make every space a sacred place.

Dear Brave Soul,

You might be in a state of healing. This is a reminder that you don't have to handle everything alone and in isolation. You have us to support you and help you navigate your journey. You're doing a great job in loving yourself. Take your time... Be well my, Dear.

- Love, Luna